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Need help?  Max Lee can help you, the best way to reach him in on his Twitter @zedomax.  Just tweet me.

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  1. Israel Hernandez says:

    Is there a T-Mobile Note 5 Stock Rom available? Mine keeps restarting randomly and I’m just going to return it and get another one.

  2. tommy leong says:

    hi there.

    i have a note5 ( SM-N9208 ) 5.1.1
    do you know what ROOT KERNELS i need to use ?
    i buy the phone in hong kong !
    thank you for you times

  3. Trent Dance says:

    I rooted my Note 5 but now when I make phonecalls it shuts down and reboots and “kernel is not seAndroid enforced” comes up top left hand side.
    Any way to get past this or should I just unroot my phone.
    thanks Trent

  4. Pete says:

    I tried to unroot my phone and came about this issue:

    Kernel is not seandroid enforcing. Custom binary blocked by FRP Lock.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  5. Troy Calhoun says:


    When I try to download the stock rom for the note 5, its not showing the note 5

  6. Chris Elkin says:

    Thanks a lot dude. This was by far on of the easiest phones I have rooted in years, been doing this since back in the HTC G1 days (HTC Dream in Canada) and never on start to end has it taken less then 5 min.



  7. ahmed sardar says:

    hi can anyone help me i am going to buy a note 5 and i need the dual sim one. there is an sm 9208 and sm 920cd which one has better rom support do use know

    • Nick says:

      So I tried rooting my phone, with your program. And now It’s a brick..
      So can I send it in to you, to fix it?
      I think you would have better luck with it anyways.

  8. hanad yare says:

    hi I have note 5 sm-n920a I wanna root is any one knows whare I can find the link root please thanks alot

  9. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
    I have a note 5 t-mobile on android 6.0.1 stock unrooted. The problem is that sometimes on a call if can hear the caller but they can not hear me. It does it in all places with a weak signal or strong signal it is not the device t-mobile replaced it and it still does it it did it on this replacement before I updated it to 6.0 and after the update I’ve tried resets booting in safe mode not installing any apps everything I can think of wondering if another rom would help I’mean at a loss any ideas

  10. Crookedgeek says:

    I wonder if I am the only canadian trying to Root and Successfully install ROMs. I have a N920W8, I have rooted and tried a few ROMS, all with no call/audio, I have noticed some fixes online for T-mobile with Marshmallow. This however did not resolve mine, I was wondering if maybe there is a solution. I was trying to install the Grace UX for Note 5, Everything else works flawless but the call/audio, ,no dice, Please direct me in the right direction at all possible, thanks

  11. Tauqeer says:

    Hello, Max! can you please help me with one confusion. I have a Note 5 Live demo device and i want to remove administrator settings it was N920x but i flashed it on N920C “AP FILE” and now in Settings>About it shows as N920C but it fails when i flash with TWRP for 920C (its says FAILED! on flashing) can you please to root this lovely gadget ????

  12. Samantha says:

    My Samsung note 5 is stuck on downloading. I did the odin and went to ap and nothing came up. Can you help with this?

  13. Jsr says:

    How to comeing volte in samsungnote5

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