How to Unroot/Unbrick Galaxy Note 5! - Page 2


Step 8. Next choose “AP” then choose the stock firmware you unzipped earlier, the file ending in “tar.md5”.  Then hit the “Start” button.  This will start the process of flashing stock firmware on your Galaxy Note 5.



Step 9. When done, you will see “PASS!” and your phone will reboot a couple of times.


Once completely done, you should now have 100% stock firmware.  This method does not erase your user data and apps.  BUT you may end up in a bootloop if coming from a custom ROM.  If that happens, you may need to do a factory reset, for that please refer to the latter part of our video tutorial above.


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25 Responses

  1. Vashkigalix says:

    Any chance with Chainfire root ? , because rebooting during call made me unrooted my phone ,

  2. Donald Hicks says:

    Hey Max! If I unroot my Note 5. Will my Note 5 start receiving system updates again?

  3. Alex says:

    Hey Max

    I tried to unroot but odin says it failed.

    I have Note 5 on Tmobile.

  4. Levi says:

    I’ve tried to in bootloop with the same process an I get a fail com port then boot loops more note 5 us cellular sm n920r4please any help would be great

  5. Sahil Sethi says:

    Hey,my note 5 is sm-n9208 and it just got a system update.
    I downloaded it and then installed it as well,but it is now stuck at 53%.
    What should be done?

  6. septy says:

    thanks for the article.

  7. Aw Sheng Xiang says:

    does unrooting can really bring back warranty? i thought once the knox is tripped there is no return?

  8. Charles says:

    Hi Max, i rooted my N5 and everything works but the only prob i have is the phone will drops call now, not sure what to do, please help.

  9. Chaz says:

    phone keeps dropping calls

  10. Tyler says:

    Your link to the note 5 stock firmware is bogus every time I try to download it it takes me to a page that shows all the firmwares on the site except the one for sm-920T is never there it’s really frustrating cause I have tried numerous stock firmwares but the all fail either go into a bootloop or the say kernel not enforcing seandroid and your firmware is the only one I cannot access to pass or fail could you just email the file please so I can either fix it or move on if you could do that it would be greatly appreciated thanks for your advice on everything been spot on so far with my note 4

  11. Eric says:

    Amazin! thank you so much, I had a rooted note 5 and all of the sudden I started getting Blocked by FRP, but unrooting worked great!

  12. Robert says:

    Worked great. Thank you for posting this video

  13. adnan Ikram says:

    Thank You Guys , Really nice method u gave with screenshots.
    My note 5 was rooted and was having 5.1, but thanks to you guys now its 6.0.1 😀 😀 yeeepeee,,,

  14. Ed Rodriguez says:

    frp lock on!! cannot pass android logo(Note 5), Odin keeps failing, Download mode is the only option i can access…what can i do HALP!!!

  15. Steve says:

    I followed the video read the direction and Odin did not bless me. I flashed the kernel and got the “KERNEL SEANDROID ENFORCING” in the left corner. My computer didn’t even recognize the phone. Kies3 was the only thing that worked to unroot my phone and I didn’t have to download Stock ROM/ firmware.

  16. Ricardo Pereira says:

    Hi there I unroot my note 5 but now I have a big problem with the battery…… is draining very fast around 8 to 9 hours… shows that “android Os” is draining around 45% of the battery. Can you help me to fix this problem please I would very grateful thanks.

  17. Darshan says:

    Will it bring back my warranty

  18. liam says:

    hey there i have a tmobile galaxy note 5 and did the root method boot didn’t boot because it had the not seandroid enforcing.. so i tried using this method to reflash the stock rom for it an its not booting at all just a black screen after the galaxy note 5 logo and only boots into download mode does not boot into recovery

  19. Nick T. Jr says:

    One sentence for any Samsung unbrick: Samsung kies/smart switch firmware rescue then download mode, plug in,start bam….been that way for years. Always check the distributors site for software tools!!

  20. Sebastian says:

    hi.. by mistake I flash xas SM-920P to my mobile SM-9200 and now I cant return that to oryginal state.. and cant get any signal.. any chance to fix that??

  1. April 12, 2017

    […] Q: How do I get it back to my stock firmware? A: If you made a TWRP backup, restore your stock firmware by restoring.  If you didn’t make a TWRP backup, you can unroot using our unroot guide. […]

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