Best Galaxy Note 5 ROMs

This page is dedicated to the best custom ROMs for the Galaxy Note 5.

Viper ROM MM w/ S7 Edge Panels – If you want stability of stock ROM with a few tweaks and full S7 Edge Panels, check this ROM out. ┬áBased on international model so you will lose WiFi calling when installing on T-Mobile Note 5.

Darkstalker ROM – Available for install on all variants on Note 5 or S6 Edge+, Darkstalker ROM is based on T-Mobile firmware which will give you T-Mobile WiFi calling also on non-T-Mobile devices. ┬áThis ROM has plenty of tweaks (more than most) along with excellent battery life so give it a test drive.

Sick as Hell ROM – Super fast performance, Sick as Hell ROM is recommended for gamers and people who want to run their Note 5 as fast as possible with absolutely zero lag.