How to Convert Galaxy Note 5/S6 Edge+ into Galaxy S8 Plus!

For those of you who want to fully convert you Galaxy Note 5 or S6 Edge+ into Galaxy S8 Plus, here’s how to do it.  I will show you how to install TWRP recovery then install the S8 Plus ported ROM.  This will give you all new Galaxy S8 features including fully-working live infinity wallpapers, AOD, fully-working S8 Camera, S8 apps, s8 icons, etc…etc…

First, you will need a supported model, make sure you have a T-Mobile SM-N920T, Canadian SM-N920W8, international SM-N920C/SM-N920I/SM-N920G, Korean SM-N920S/SM-N920K/SM-N920L, dual-sim SM-N9208, T-Mobile SM-N928T, Canadian SM-N928W8, international SM-N928F, Korean SM-G928K, SM-G928L, or SM-G928S.  Sorry, AT&T or Verizon models will NOT WORK as they have locked bootloaders!

NOTE: Installing TWRP recovery will set off your KNOX counter and YOU WILL LOSE SAMSUNG PAY PERMANENTLY!!!  Also, we will be doing a factory reset that will ERASE ALL YOUR APPS and APP SETTINGS!!!

Step 1. Download the ROM on your phone.


UPDATE: Please use V5 instead of V4!  Also, please download Kernel V5  and install right after ROM V5!

Download KhongLoi ROM V5

Download KhongLoi Kernel V5

Download KhongLoi ROM V4

Download T-Mobile/Canadian LTE/Voice fix (ONLY for T-Mobile or Canadian models or Note 5 or S6 Edge+)


Step 2. Go into Settings->About Phone->Software Information and tap on the “Build number” about 5 times until it says, “Developer mode has been turned on.”


Step 3. Tap the back button twice then choose “Developer options”.

Step 4. If you have a menu option called “OEM Unlock”, make sure it is ON.  If you don’t see it you can skip this step.

Step 5. Next, we will be installing TWRP recovery so we can install a custom ROM.  If you already have TWRP recovery installed, skip to Step 12.

Power off your phone then hold down Volume Down, Center Home, and Power buttons together until you see a warning screen like below:

Step 6. Hit Volume up to enter Download mode and connect a micro-USB cable from your phone to a Windows computer.

Step 7. For Galaxy Note 5, download TWRP for your model of Note 5 on our TWRP recovery for Galaxy Note 5 page.

For S6 Edge Plus, please download latest TWRP tar file here.

Step 8. You will also need to download ODIN and Samsung USB drivers.


Download ODIN

Download Samsung USB drivers for Note 5 or S6 Edge+Direct Download

Once download, unzip/extra files of the ODIN zip file.

Step 9. Double-click on ODIN EXE file to run ODIN program.

Step 10. You should see a blue-highlighted box like below.  If you don’t see it, run the Samsung USB driver file you downloaded earlier and install drivers.

Step 11. Choose “AP” then choose the TWRP file you downloaded for your phone.  Hit Start.  Now, immediately after your phone’s screen goes off, hold down Volume Up, Center Home, and Power buttons so you boot into TWRP.  If you miss this step, reset your phone by holding down Volume Down and Power buttons and as soon as the phone resets, do the buttons again.

Step 12. Once in TWRP, you can also make a backup ROM of your stock firmware, which will save all of your apps and app data.  I am skipping that step in this tutorial but if you want to make a backup at this point, you can follow my TWRP backup/restore guide.

Choose “Wipe” and swipe to do factory reset.  This WILL ERASE ALL your APPS and settings!!!

Step 13. Next, install ROM.

Make sure you choose the correct model of the Note 5 or S6 Edge Plus that you are installing on.

If you want Galaxy S8 camera, choose that in the options also!

Step 14. Once done, you can reboot.  If you have T-Mobile or Canadian model, make sure you flash the Voice/LTE fix.

Step 15. Once rebooted, you should have a fully converted Note 5 or S6 Edge+ with Galaxy S8 firmware!




Q: How do I get it back to my stock firmware?
A: If you made a TWRP backup, restore your stock firmware by restoring.  If you didn’t make a TWRP backup, you can unroot using our unroot guide.

ROM Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developer or hit the Thanks button on XDA if you like this ROM, thx!


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153 Responses

  1. Dede says:

    Excuse me.. Im using Note5 too.. I have some questions.. If I change the GRACE UX Note7 ROM’s on my Note5 and rooted device to S8 ROM, my phone still rooted or unroot? If unroot, how to root the device again in S8 ROM’s? Ok tq.. Im waiting for ur answer.. HIGHONANDROID

  2. Jose says:

    Hey bro this rom work on my n920p model?

  3. Ernis says:

    Does this ROM works on N920P-Sprint version? Regards

  4. Thomas says:

    How do we apply the T-Mobile fix? I don’t know what to do with the two folders in the ZIP. However i can tell you i cannot make outgoing or incoming calls with VoLTE. The text and data is fine but not calls. When non LTE its ok.

  5. Thomas says:

    Nvm Figured it out. install it like a ROM but flash the fix zip only.

  6. th says:

    s8 gallery fix

  7. Kevin P. says:

    V5 Love it , but It does not have Email, Let me know when ever there is a new UPDATE 🙂

  8. Alex Barshop says:

    I’m stuck in a bootloop with it saying seandroid is not enforcing. What’s the problem?

    • Junior Vinga says:

      I’m facing the exact same problem. Did you manage to get through?

    • Marie says:

      You have to flash the khongloi kernel

      • Ell says:

        Have the same issue..have flashed the khongol kernel several times and still get the same feedback anytime I try rebooting..pls help.

        • mky says:

          ok Ell i have the same issue i solve it by
          1 install file
          2.reboot and open phone
          3.bootloop restart come back to recovery mode
          4.advanced wipe -check wipe cash -swipe
          6.wait for some time (Do not be hasty)
          7.have fun

    • mky says:

      ok Ell i have the same issue i solve it by
      1 install file
      2.reboot and open phone
      3.bootloop restart come back to recovery mode
      4.advanced wipe -check wipe cash -swipe
      6.wait for some time (Do not be hasty)
      7.have fun

    • akash says:

      Eh when i install kernal then i also got the same prob but i had a backup . My aod is not working i think it has to do something with that kernal

  9. Corey smith says:

    Charging not going up when using T-Mobile model

  10. deva says:

    Hi, can i install this rom on my s6 edge+ sm9287C dual sim malaysia version. thank you.

  11. Dane says:

    Thank you, Max! I’m really enjoying my Note 5 using this amazing S8 Plus ROM! Cheers!

  12. Amardeep Singh says:

    Not able to download the khongloi kernel V5. I think the link is broken. Please fix it!!!!

  13. dan says:

    Is the finger print scanner workin on lockscreen ?

  14. Hadis says:

    you havent mentioned anything about how to install the kernel? and will it be okay if i install the khongloi v7 rom

  15. Denzell Mims says:

    does this work for the n920p sprint model

  16. Allawi says:

    Hi there
    I have an issue with battery when idle. Did anyone face this problem?

  17. rex says:

    smart view not working restart everytime I connect to tv

  18. Nima says:

    Can please UPDATE the links new version is out

  19. Mahadi Sharafat Galib says:

    After installing the rom , after rebooting it is not opening. The phone is not Turning on. My model is N920C
    i was using the rom you provided of note 7. 3 times i did everything , wiped again and again, installed but after rebooting the phone is not turning On , Please Help Max Lee 🙂 !

  20. kelvin says:

    hi max please help me..after I installed it on my note 5 (SM-9208) philippines, the phone is not turning on..what should i do?

  21. Dan says:

    Max, we need your response

  22. Jayesh says:

    Does it have root access?

  23. Dan says:

    Loving this v5….. will be back if i see any bug .

    • Sam says:

      Hey Dan! How is the battery life in general after flashing it with the s8 ROM? Also, is there any feature that doesn’t work after flashing?

      • Dan says:

        For now all is working fine. am suprised that even the finger printer lockscreen work flawlessly .
        No lag issue. the port is absolutely perfect and amazing . battery life is ok .The only bug for now is the internet browser, it only display blank white screen.. But that definitly not an issue bcos i can always get other browzers . V5 is a perfect daily use for me . .

  24. Sam says:

    Hello dan why my phone after instal rom cant turnin on..only can downloading mode

  25. Sam says:

    What step u doing ?? Plss tell me from first

  26. Praveer says:

    Hi Dan! Awesome work. Earlier I used Note 7 rom and now this S8 rom. It’s really cool. All the apps and features running fine. But I am facing the problem of battery drain. It is going 100% to 5% in half day only.. I am using ROM V5. With AOD the problem seems to be more. Can you suggest any solution? Is there any higher version available which can sort this out?

  27. Praveer says:

    Sorry Sam… I wrote wrong name. @Dan U can also help me out. 😛

  28. Ted says:

    Hello. So, I was using an unlocked Tmobile S6 Edge Plus on AT&T. I was psyched to give this ROM a try, but since flashing the device is now network locked. Rom is awesome, but now cant use as a phone. Is this normal? Any help is appreciated. Also, I figured I could just restore from original backup, but now still network locked.

  29. Samu says:

    Is the Performance of the S7 with the S8 rom faster or slower than without it?

  30. joao ramos says:

    hello, great work, but can you make this rom work on the variant N9200 from hong kong …
    I like to use this great rom ..
    I am from Portugal

  31. Dan says:

    I now have the internet explorer working now. Just update it and you are gud togo

  32. Dan says:

    No bug . The rom is 96% bug free for now .

  33. Dan says:

    Max , Any other kernel that those not drain battery ? V5 kernel drain battery fast . I love your work keep it Up. Awesome rom .

  34. Greatness says:

    Is the finger print scanner working for this rom?
    Secondly,what variant of s6+ can i use this rom with?

  35. Salvador says:

    Hello Max
    I flashed the S8 rom and everything is working of the rom but i cant get android pay to work, I cant add my Credit card i have tried cloaking app, unroot option on super su and it doesnt work. any suggestions?

    • Dan says:

      Samsung pay dosnt work .

      • Salvador says:

        I know it doesn’t work, it stops working as soon as you root.. but I couldn’t get Android pay to work, I finally got Android pay to accept my cards but haven’t actually tried it at a store.

  36. Chibiske says:

    Amazing as Always, been following your site since i got my Note 5!! tnx for all the info. and step-by-step tutorials!

    i decided to finally custom my Note5 (it’s still on STOCK 5.1.1 (Lollipop) ) hehe, i was hesitant in the early stages of the Note5 Custom scene (1st year the Note5 came out) , cause alot are still in Beta. then after 2 years i just forgotten about Updates on my Note5. but now i went back to XDA i saw there was Nougat on Note5 and that is just Epic!. then i went again here for all the info’s i missed hehehe. but some of the Guides here are kinda outdated and some questions that needs a few answers would be helpful pls.

    1.) Is downgrading to Lollipop Still possible IF you Updated to Nougat (Official stock firmware. And if yes, then how?, i just want to know that’s all )

    2.) Do you need to be on Nougat to Use a Nougat Custom ROMs or the s8 ports??
    3.) does this rom have good battery life and has the Note 5 Upgrades aswell?? (like new Spen Features and Stuff)

    Tnx as Always!! U R AWESOME!!~

  37. Dan says:

    Max, Nice job and hard work . Pls will their be a V6 rom ?

  38. Samuel says:

    Hi Max, I want to have the Rom too, but I have rooted my Note 5 into a Note 7 with N930F. Does it work, too?

  39. Noureddine LOUAHEDJ says:

    Hello, please help, After doing all the steps, my phone is not booting, i have a Note 5 dual-sim SM-N9208 model.

  40. Mohit says:

    Will it work on edge plus 928f

  41. Bissbond says:

    Hello, Nice ROME… but can not send voice message on whatsAPP.

  42. nel says:

    Hi, after flashing the rom it works well except that i can’t send sms but I receive txts. . How can i fix this?

  43. Mahmoud says:

    AOD is not working and when i charge my mobile when its dead there is some proplems

  44. Mirko says:

    The rom is working perfectly on my note 5 SM-N920G. The only issue is when you enter to lock and security menú delays a little bit.

  45. Paul says:

    Hi, guys, I did this and worked perfect.. my biggest problem is now how do i root it again i have tried but no good.. is there away i really hope so

    PS it really looks good but no good if I can’t use magisk on it.

  46. Ron says:

    Great ROM! Could you please help with returning the device back to stock though? I’m using the N9208.

  47. Dev says:

    stock on samsung Galaxy Note5 screen

  48. Dev says:

    My samsung note 5 heats so much and also battery drains after changing this rom

  49. Dave says:

    Thanks, I did upgrade my Note 5 to S8+, while booting I get this in red color “Kernel is not Seandroid Enforcing” is it normal?

  50. ronald says:

    do i have to root my note 5 first before i install the rom and kernel?

  51. Mahmoud says:

    AOD is not working

  52. astroboy says:

    I am having a hard time downloading the khongloi nougat v5 rom… it always stops

  53. Zi says:

    Can’t make conference calls anymore. No option of merging calls. Any fix?

  54. assi weinberger says:

    Does all the spen features are still working?

  55. assi weinberger says:

    Does wifi calling that was not supported on note5 will be supported with the new ROM?

  56. ricardo says:

    does it works on galaxy s6?

  57. Hany says:

    I do everything as described, I have the blue highlighted box in Odin, I use the Twarp for my note 5 (SM-N9208), I press “start” on Odin to flash Twarp, but when the flashing is supposed to finish, instead of a black screen, I get a blue screen in Chinese saying: “INSTALL FALIURE, You need to unlock the device to install custom operating system, for more info visit: Press power button to reboot”

    How to UNLOCK my device?

  58. Miguel says:

    Hello everyone, this rom is very good, I have it installed in my note5 of Tmobil, the problem I have is with 3 applications
    1- Shazam A message appears saying that the microphone is being used
    2- Facebook messenger I can not make calls and I can not receive calls, the application freezes
    3- Whatsapp I can not make calls and I can not receive calls, the application freezes

    Someone could help me, I’m a little worried, The rest works fine


  59. Kevin Polite says:

    The only problem I’m having is the lag in making calls. It takes up to 30 seconds to make connection if amyone else experienced this and found a fix please respond. Otherwise the rom is excellent.

  60. BigD says:

    From all my searching.. seems all the “S8″roms suffer from a BATTERY DRAIN! And some call problems. Be wise to wait..

  61. Maine says:

    How can you use the camera filters?

  62. Taimoor says:

    How i can use secure folder in this rom?

  63. Jhunel says:

    thanks mate.. i enjoyed it on my note 5 korean variant

  64. prashanta sikder says:

    hey max lee…once i root my note 5 to s8+ …should i be able to root it to upcoming note 8?

  65. assi weinberger says:

    how can I go back to original ROM, didn’t make a backup.
    I’ll appreciate detailed step by step.

  66. Rachid says:

    Hi, I tried this rom on my note 5 and it’s working fine just one thing, it’s not rooted, any ideas how to root after installing custom rom thanks

  67. Adrian says:

    Need help. I’m stock in boot screen. (Samsung Logo) I followed all the steps. What’s the problem? Need help pls.

  68. Tom says:

    I cant make calls on 4g volte. Please fix

  69. Wscley Silva says:

    Rom maravilhosa, entrou feito luva no meu Galaxy Note 5. Obrigado por disponibilizar.

  70. mohmed shaheen says:

    plz man i need note 5 6.0.1 original call when someone call you i hate 7.0 call sreen clores plz

  71. Mahmood says:

    Hey i installed it but my phone cant detect my sim card please i need a fix

  72. Imthiyaz says:

    Evrything is working perfectly except the s8 camera app.. is there any fix to that.. im using sm-n9208 duos note 5..

  73. Ayo says:

    Max Lee…. Are we expecting any Note8 custom rom for N5 ?

  74. Oscar says:

    I was able to install the rom without problem the issue is that it stays warm even if I do not use it

  75. pooki says:

    My device has been show “kernel is not seandroid enforcing”.


  76. Michael Goldberg says:

    what should I do if i’m stuck in a boot loop?

  77. Fab says:

    The ron works fine except that it restart when i lock it with power buttton while using wifi on G928f

  78. Chuck Summers says:

    I have a t-mobile version. Going from 7.0 to 8.0 was seemless. It seems snappier and uses less battery. So far I am pleased. The only thing I noticed is that Netflix won’t work (but I imagine it wont work on any rooted device) and Out of Milk doesn’t render properly (I don’t think it knows the screen size).

    How do we find out about updates?

  79. zeeshan khan says:

    thankx MAX LEE i have samsung note 5 tmobile and i am done all is working perfect thankx again

  80. Chuck Summers says:

    I am, however, having problems using my microphone. I keep getting a message saying that another app is using the microphone and won’t let me use the recording feature of an app.


  81. Chuck Summers says:

    Dan, I am enjoying the t-mobile rom but am not able to find an audio recorder that works with it. I keep getting the microphone is being used by another app error.


  82. Shawn says:

    I have a T-Mobile note 5 with this galaxy s 8 Rom and now my video call8ng isn’t working on anything not in face book messenger or line or hangouts. Please help

  83. Muwafi says:

    HELLO ,

    Private mode Toggle is not there, is there any way to enable it?

  84. hassan says:

    hey sam em facing a problem on com android is stop. and also signals are gone. plz help me how can it fix???

  85. Mike says:

    Does this ROM works on N920P-Sprint version?? Thanks

  86. Muhammad Umair says:

    Everything is okay . But the bixby is not working. asking for updating the software and software update is not registering.
    Kindly Fix bixby.

  87. Robert says:

    Will this work on a Verizon Note 5, Samsung SM-N920V?

  88. LastTaj says:

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    because you’ve got high quality content. If you want to know how to
    make extra bucks, search for: Mertiso’s tips best adsense alternative

  89. Enxhi Koraqe says:

    My device keeps restarting at booting
    what can be the problem because i made all the steps as you said

  90. Enxhi Koraqe says:

    I made all the steps but I my phone keeps restarting and wont turn on
    Any way to fix it?

  91. Abdul Rehman says:

    Hi Dear,
    I just installed custom rom as you described. Now my Note 5 SM-920C stuck at start up and comes again in twrp. It is not going into system. Now what can i do.??

  92. Deep manvar says:

    Thanks for great rom but in my note 5 now bixby voice not enabled yet how to start bixby voice in note 5 with this version

  93. Abbas says:

    Hello i converted my phone but now i want to convert it back to the original room but I can’t. I downloaded the room for my mobile from sammobile and i flashed it with oden but when the room finished flashing the mobile won’t turn on it keep showing samsung logo what should i do now?

  94. Jamesjy says:

    pour tout faire, dois je rooter mon samsung?

  95. Nechuta says:

    Hi uh this didn’t work for me , my phone is now stuck in q bootloop? How do I fix this

  96. Jake says:

    need help!!!! :'(
    After installing the ROM.. i forgot to install the kernel and choosed reboot..
    now it’s stuck in Samsung Logo..(waited around 20 minutes or more then black screen).. pressed power+volume down (it restarts and stuck again in samsung logo)
    tried to press power+volume up+home/ Power+ Volume up but it’s not taking me to recovery menu or whatever you call it…
    any advice?

  97. Ajienwi says:

    hello please can samsung N920F work because is operator is T mobile from Germany

  98. Jeff says:

    Dual sim functions not working properly. I can’t send a message using SIM 2. Default SMS app always sends the SMS using SIM 1. I have a Note 5 N9208 Dual Sim model.

  99. marc says:

    Thank you very much..

    I have tried everything over and over but it didn’t work at all every time I install the rom then the other file and i restart it don’t load, but send me to the instillation screen again 🙁 I have note 5 920k Korean phone

    PLease helllllp

  100. John Mayo says:

    Can’t get AOD to work…Help

  101. John Mayo says:

    Can’t get AOD to work…Help I don’t know why it won’t show everything else works

  102. Arash says:

    My gallery keeps crashing on note 5,please fix it

  103. paperroll says:

    can i do this with my nokia 3310? plz yes.

  104. johnhoon says:

    Hey , thank you for your galaxy s8 plus convert project . my note 5 now have a new look , everything fine , so far only camera after shot the view gallery will force stop . and the bixby also got bugs with camera , the rest everything fine

  105. M.Ayaz says:

    I have Sm n920c dual sim Pakistan Asian v any
    bugs with dual sim options like make call or sms send ??

  106. M.Ayaz says:

    I have Sm n920c dual sim Pakistan Asian v any
    bugs with dual sim options like make call or sms send ?? And update to Android 8.0??

  107. francisco jesus says:

    hola,me ha funcionado perfectamente,pero hay un incoveniente,me sale error android phone se ha detenido,esto pasa cuanod inicio ek tekefibi y me sale continuaaaaamente.gracias

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