Simple S7 Edge Port ROM for Galaxy Note 5/S6 Edge+!


For those of you who want to experience the latest Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow AND S7 Edge features on your rooted Galaxy Note 5 or S6 Edge+, you can do that easily with Simple S7 Edge ROM.

Unlike the Ultron ROM featured the other week, this ROM is “ported” straight off a real Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935F international version.  You can install this on any Galaxy Note 5 or S7 Edge+ with root and marshmallow bootloader.  Also, battery life is excellent which was one of the culprits with Ultron ROM for daily driving.  You will also notice much improved idling due to DOZE working fully with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow.

Of course, ALL S7 Edge features are included in this ROM including edge screen panels, S7 Edge apps, and everything except for the camera since that’s limited by the hardware.  And yes, while most S7 Edge models (U.S. models) are not rootable yet, this ROM gives you root!  And for Note 5 users, you will still have full abilities to use your Note 5 S-Pen, S-Pen apps, and all of its functionalities.   That’s not all, there is also extra features like floating messages, Smart Manager, and a few more that makes this ROM better than a real Galaxy S7 Edge.

Antutu Scores: 81,000!

Overall, this is the best ROM I have tried so far with flawless performance/battery life along with excellent S7 Edge features so definitely give it a go if you have a Galaxy Note 5 or S6 Edge+!


Download Simple S7 Edge Port ROM (base) (for all Note 5 with Marshmallow bootloader including T-Mobile SM-G920T, SM-G920C, SM-G920CD, SM-G920G, SM-G920I, SM-G920W8, and S6 Edge+ SM-G928F)

Download Simple S7 Edge Port ROM v1.7 Update

Installation Instructions:

For T-Mobile Galaxy Note 5, make sure you have latest Marshmallow bootloader.  You can follow this guide here to install the latest Marshmallow bootloader.  Then continue with rest of installation here:

First, boot into TWRP, make a backup ROM (if you want to restore ROM if something goes wrong), then wipe system, wipe, install ROM base, install v1.7 update, and reboot.  That’s it!    Don’t know how to do this?  See our fail-proof TWRP installation guide first.

Calls not working for T-Mobile/Canadian models?  See how to fix audio/calls here.

Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developer or hit the Thanks button on XDA if you like this ROM, thx!

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23 Responses

  1. Altes says:

    I have a t mobile note 5 and i installed this rom but now i dont have any call audio. how can i fix this?

    • Altes says:

      fixed the call audio used this

  2. Mone says:

    My audio help????

  3. Renault says:

    hi. I’m with rogers still with 5.1.1 can I install that rom?

  4. Mone says:

    Call audio fix please I’m using the n9t20

  5. Carmen says:

    Hi, I installed this rom but the back button and task button will not respond when I tap on them, did I do something wrong when installing?

  6. Anth says:

    I downloaded & checked the MD5 on both files, installed TWRP, wiped all data, etc, and then installed both as instructed. Now when I reboot, the phone freezes on the Samsung boot screen.

    I can only reboot by holding Vol Down, Home & Power.
    To get into TWRP recovery, I have to do the above, then within about 1 second when it reboots before the Samsung screen, swap to Vol Up, Home & Power to boot into TWRP.

    No matter what I wipe, format or do, or reinstall, I’m still stuck on the Samsung boot screen.

    Even when I did a full restore of my factory rom from TWRP, it freezes.

    I when I power off completely in TWRP, then plug in power, the battery status screen that normally shows your % of charge in green on a battery icon will freeze and only show the initial icon with lightniing bolt with no green animation of charge like it normally would.


    • Siraj says:

      same happened to me in a different situation.. u have to reinstall the custom rom using odin,, and if u want, root again..

  7. Anth says:

    Oh, and I have teh N920I (Telstra, Australia)

    Do I need a new Kernel or something? What have I missed?

  8. Anth says:

    I downloaded and unzipped the official Singapore 6.0.1 firmware from and flashed it using Odin, and Im up and running again. No issues so far. Calls seem to work. Happy camper !

  9. Wanaland says:

    Hello I installed the “simple s7 edge rom port for note 5/s6 edge plus ” on my s6 edge plus but the soft keys doesn’t work anymore. So what can I do now? Thanks in advance

  10. O.Kader says:

    I can’t use my music player. Any solution ??

  11. Nate says:

    Was wondering are we able to flash this on Sprint Note 5? Didn’t see sm-920p mentioned but have marshmallow bootloader?

  12. Slck says:

    I install base rom and 1.7 update. But no root. How can i root my device. And battery bad night sleep.

  13. wakeem bush says:

    Can you tell me max lee if this rom will work on us n920p rooted all ready nice work on video

  14. Ssjgoku612 says:

    Messaging doesn’t work anymore any solution?

  15. hbic says:

    Can anyone confirm if they are able to use the voice commands with the camera application with this ROM? That does not work for me.

  16. Amd says:

    The rom works great on my Canadian Note 5. There’s just a few ‘glitches’ here and there like the audio labels are not proper (the label for ‘system’ is ‘notifications’, for ‘media’ its ‘system’ and the other have random names too) and the setting app crashes when i try to access certain areas (When i try to turn on android beam, the app crashes and more).

  17. JimboRay says:

    I installed it and it works great apart from the small app,I can’t send or received sms.Any fixes?

  18. Romano says:

    Hi, on my S6 edge plus G928f the softkeys don’t work.

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