TEKXodus Hybrid ROM for Galaxy Note 5/S6 Edge+!


For those of you looking to experience custom ROM on your Note 5, definitely check out the latest TEKXodus Hybrid ROM, which comes loaded with features and fast performance.

Based on T-Mobile Android 5.1.1, TEKXodus Hybrid ROM can be installed on T-Mobile SM-N920T, Canadian SM-N920W8, international SM-N920C, and even T-Mobile S6 Edge+ SM-N928T.

Inside you will find a bunch of features including Dolby Atomos and Viper4Android for tweaking sound.  If you want to enjoy S6 Edge+ features on your Note 5, you will also find People Edge and Apps Edge along with LMT PIE launcher for quick access to your contacts and apps.

With a highly modified launcher, you will be able to enjoy a 5×5 app drawer with ability to put up to 6 different apps in your bottom app shortcuts.  For overclocking/underclocking, you can find Synapse app under settings.  (I don’t recommend you to mess with it much though unless you have some good knowledge of how to overclock CPU.)

There’s a ton more features on this ROM but what I like about the ROM is excellent speed and performance while giving you many features you wouldn’t otherwise find with a stock ROM.

Installation is pretty straightforward, I have detailed every step of installation if you are coming from a stock phone so watch the video tutorial and you should have no problem.


You will first need to install custom recovery for your model of Note 5.

Download ODIN (You will need this to install TWRP recovery)

Download Samsung Note 5/S6 Edge+ USB drivers

For all Note 5 SM-N920T, SM-N920W8, and SM-N920C, download this TWRP:

Download TWRP for Note 5

For S6 Edge+, download this TWRP:

Download TWRP for S6 Edge+

Download ROM (for all models):

Download Tekxodus ROM

You may also need a custom kernel to get the ROM booting: (Credits)

Download SkyHigh Kernel for T-Mobile Note 5 SM-N920T and Canadian SM-N920W8 – Link

Download SkyHigh Kernel for international SM-N920C – Link

Download SkyHigh Kernel for S6 Edge+ SM-N928T – Link

If you are coming from stock phone, make sure you are on the latest Lollipop update then install TWRP recovery using ODIN.

After that, boot into TWRP, make a backup ROM (if you want to restore ROM if something goes wrong), then wipe system, wipe, install ROM, install kernel, and reboot.  That’s it!  Watch the latter part of the video if you don’t know how to do this.

Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developer or hit the Thanks button on XDA if you like this ROM, thx!

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8 Responses

  1. Mike BBQ says:

    Hey Max,
    I installed this Rom and the Kernel and i made a Nand Backup of my stock rom with out finger print enabled, and after i checked out this rom i did a recovery and when I booted it showed only the Black Note 5 screen and it wasnt going to boot further. I tried to use ODIN and flash the official firmware from sammobile site and it shows that is failing, i get this error on the phone screen : sw rev check fail
    i have canadian version sm-n920w8
    can you tell me what i can do to return to stock?
    I am not new at this, i am flashing and rooting since Samsung S2 and since then I follow your videos. You are awsome.
    Thanks Max

  2. gabriel says:

    HI, can i install this rom on the SM-N920I Note 5?

  3. Ivan COsta Farias says:

    Good Night, has forecast adding the PT-BR language?

  4. Hermin says:

    Great ROM LEE.

  5. Mike smith says:

    Does this work if your on 6.0.1

  6. alqereni says:

    update not

  7. Mansoor Ali says:

    I just need LTE BAND 3 in my Samsung note5 Sprint Nougat. I googled but failed.. Guide me some one please.

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