How to Root Galaxy Note 5!


For those of you who want to get the most out of your Samsung Galaxy Note 5, you will definitely want to root it and install a custom ROM.   Rooting method has changed for new phones with latest Android 5.1.1, now all Android phones will require a custom kernel with root enabled.  Basically, you can install “auto root” kernels, which will give you root.

We will be using Windows 8.1 in this tutorial but you should be able to follow the same steps using a Mac or Linux if you use VMWare to run Windows on top of it.  (You can also try jodin, which is a cross-platform alternative to ODIN.)

Step 1. First, you will need to go into Settings->About device and hit the Build number a bunch of times until it says you have enabled Developer options.


Step 2. Hit the back button once and you will find a new menu called “Developer options”, tap on that.


Step 3. Make sure “OEM Unlock” is ON.  If you don’t have this option, you can skip it as some international models don’t have it which means your bootloader is already unlocked.


Step 4. Power off your Note 5 then hold down Volume Down, Center Home, and Power buttons together for about 5 seconds until you see a warning screen like below and let go of all the buttons.


Step 5. Connect a micro-USB cable from your Note 5 to  your computer.


Step 6. Download ODIN, auto-root kernel for your model of Note 5, and also Samsung USB drivers:

Download ODIN – Link

Download Auto Root Kernel – Link

Download Samsung Galaxy Note 5 USB drivers – Link


Step 7. First, unzip the ODIN zip file and you should get a folder with a bunch of files in it.  Double-click on the EXE file to run ODIN program.


Step 8. You should see a blue-highlighted box on the top left of ODIN program.  If you don’t see this,  you probably don’t have the proper Samsung USB drivers installed.  Go ahead and double-click on the Samsung USB drivers you downloaded earlier and install the drivers.

If you still don’t see a blue-highlighted box, try using a different USB port and cable like I did in my video tutorial.  You should get it to work eventually.


Step 9. Select “AP” then browse and find the auto root kernel file you downloaded earlier and select it, then hit “Start”.howto-root-galaxynote5-8

Step 10. When done, you should see “PASS!” and your phone will reboot.  If ODIN gets stuck for some reason (it shouldn’t take more than 10 seconds), try using a different USB port/cable and try it again.


Step 11. Once you phone reboot, simply install and run SuperSU from Play Store and you should have full root!


Run SuperSU app, if you don’t get any errors, you are good to go.  If it asks you to update the binaries, say yes and also choose “Normal”.  If you get stuck more than a minute, just reboot and try it again as it will work the second time.


To verify you have full root, simply install the Titanium Backup app from the Play Store and you should see a Superuser request window pop up like shown below:


That’s it!

If you want to install TWRP recovery, you can use Flashify app to install Note 5 TWRP.

Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developer who developed Nobel kernel, thx!

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79 Responses

  1. Corey says:

    Hey man just had a couple questions because I was reading on xda that the steps you took are the same that others have I am also running and in 920t variant but I was reading that the colonel has deep sleep issues is this true

  2. Negro says:

    Max after rooting my device, if I want to unroot I can bring it to the factory settings like oem kernel?

  3. Michael Wilson says:

    Does rooting Note 5 trip Knox? Will I be able to get free hotspot? I have Sprint Note 5, 64 gig.

  4. AL says:

    Do you think this procedure will work on my VERIZON Note 5?

  5. Rocky says:

    Hey Max, does rooting this way Trip the KNOX Counter in the Download Mode? And also does the Note 5 even have a download mode?

    Please let me know. Thanks!

  6. ariston domingo says:

    i did research on the galaxy note 5 for rooting i got sprint provider how ever there was no recovery clock workmod how if one day i root my galaxy note 5 do you think it will not block the update once become available . The only available is the TWRP . I dont know how to use it

  7. sascha says:

    How do i unroot the note 5 i cznt find the firmware to restore 5.1.1 n930i help please

  8. Kevin says:

    Is there a pingpong utility out yet?
    Does this rooting method trip Knox and Disables Samsung Pay?

  9. Roger says:

    Thanks for the amazing tutorial, much appreciated! Now my issue, I followed the directions to the ‘T’, but it now says “kernel is not seandroid enforcing”, and the phone keeps dropping calls left to right. The SU binary update would just restart the phone and not update. Any help you could render would be much appreciated, thanks!

  10. Brennan Torres says:

    Will there be Cyanogenmod or any AOSP ROMs for the Note 5?

  11. Fares says:

    I have some reports in calls

    my mobile is SM-N920C

    Is there any solution

  12. Tom says:

    Thanks so much for all the great videos you do! I did successfully root my new note 5, following your instructions, but somehow, the custom recovery failed to install. Booting into recovery takes me straight to stock recovery, with no option for installing any zips. Any suggestions?

  13. Jeff Duncan says:

    Quick question
    I am getting periodic issues and am running 5.1.1 and getting message kernel is not seandroid enforcing and the phone restarts by itself.
    Is there any fix for this.

  14. kevin says:

    when i root it, my phone automated restart itself when i am on the call. what happen is that??

    • Andrew says:

      bad kernell i think, I have the same problem also, I read that are a few kernells that can fix it, but for me none of them seems to be working.

      Hey Max, a little help here please…. :/

  15. Vic says:

    Hey max do you think that the at&t note 5 will ever have the chance to get root?….I’d press the build number several time and Developer options came on and I turn on OEM unlock to on and just left it like that…so as of right now I’m doing my research to see if the at&t note 5 can be rooted…did you hear or know anything that there might be a chance that it can be rooted?

  16. Rocky says:

    Hey Max … Whats going on .. No custom rom videos for the Note 5? I see there are 2 custom roms available for the T-Mobile Note 5. One of them is from TEKHD … I used his roms on my Note 4 and they were awesome!

    Maybe you can review it? Here is the link:

  17. Vashkigalix says:

    Hey max i have international note 5 SM-N920C how to root it ?

  18. mili says:

    hi pls root sm-n920c on the sit mrcccc

  19. galaxy note 5 retail mode says:

    how can i disable note 5 retail mode ?????

  20. Vashkigalix says:

    Will this work for International SM-N920C ?

  21. Kenny says:

    Looking forward to the enable of all apps in split-window and pen window!

  22. Kranti Datale says:

    Can you develop Root Kernel for SM-N920G tom root my Indian version of Note 5.

  23. Al says:

    Can I get an edge plus .com

    Firm, root, recovery, roms

  24. Anthony says:

    How do you fix when during a call it automatically reboots

  25. Jay says:

    Will using this root steps trip Knox on my note 5 with T-mobile ruining 5.1.1 and are there any updates to any of the steps.

  26. Blair says:

    Hey Max, I watched and followed the steps in your note 5 root video and was successful. This is my first android phone and am anxious to do more with it. I just don’t know what to do from here. I would like to remove the bloat ware and free up all available space. My phone is entirely stock except for the root. What program can I use to debloat and how can I tell what files are safe to remove and which are vital?

  27. Antonoocuellar says:

    I root the SM-N920G porfa I want a solution but it

  28. Joe says:

    Would N920K also work with TWRP recovery version N920T?

  29. Pedro Gutierrez Rincon says:

    Hello, I have an Unlocked Note 5 DUOS model SM-N9208 from Taiwan. I wonder if there’s a stable and good ROM for that specific model.
    I tried to root it, but while flashing the phone notified me that the process was blocked by FAP. Any idea?

  30. Shaxzod says:

    Hey MAXXXX I love you but my galaxy note 5 verizon have not root please help me please please my verizon note 5 sm-n920v woudent get root HOw i can root please hel me please please help

  31. alin says:

    is there firmware/kernel or roms available for sm-n920i.

  32. Kgosi 051 says:

    n920c rooted and working fine with TWRP and arter97-5.0-03837-g85f0947 #1. Flashed with odin. Drop call issues solved fire now by kernel. Working fine for post 3 days

  33. fady199801 says:

    I have NOTE5 SM-920C will it work!!!
    and is there any way to restore deleted files from my mobile without!! root

  34. James Harvey says:

    Hey…. thanks for the instructions but I have one trouble rooting my device. My note 5 is SM-N920I but when i have finished the root and it reboots. but it is showing ”Kernel is not SEAndroid Enforcing ” error message . If you could help me solve that problem, I would be very glad. Thank you very much.

    • Paul Yolles says:

      heyyou got the same problem as me ,,did you find a solution,,, i rooted my phone perfect but when i try to go into boot recovery mode it gives me the same error but i can hold the volume key down ,home and power and use my rooted phone fine,, i hAVE TRIED everything trying to get twrp

  35. herby F says:

    Hi Max!
    is it possible to root those Note 5 models: SAMSUNG

    I wanna buy the gold or Space gray one. They are dual sim unlocked.


  36. Ron K says:

    I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (model SM-N920P, Knox2.5.1) ,I’ve been trying to root it following your instructional video. I’ve tried several times and on every attempt when i go to load the kernel with Odin3 (V3.10.6) I get the message “Odin has stopped responding”. Do you have any suggestions

  37. bosphea says:

    galaxy note 5 n920c can’t root…….please tell me about root

  38. Tom says:

    Ron K – I’ve had that issue, too. It always works for me, though, eventually. Try waiting a bit longer. Should come back to life in time

  39. Abdul Rauf says:

    Anyone tried to root sm-920c. I dont know why highonandroid didnt mention this. We feel left out bro 🙁
    Please let us know .

    Thanks and love your guides.
    Could you also tell us how to make our androids completely ad free (youtube, internet and apps)

  40. Levih says:

    Wanted to see if anyone has tried it on the 920 R versionforUS Cellular

  41. sikebo says:

    try this kernel for N9208, it worked very well for me

  42. Jaime Ablaza says:

    Sir Maxx,

    How about for N9208, dual sim and Locked from Globe Philippines, Do you know how to unlock this. Thank You very much.

  43. Siddharth singhi says:

    I have galayx note 5 sm N920G indian. Version i wish. Know if there is a kernel for That

  44. Edward says:

    I need to know how to root the us Cellular note 5… What will work?

  45. dino says:

    Hey max, do you answer an f***ing questions???

    • dino says:

      Do you answer ANY questions. What’s the point of having a comment section if you never answer peoples questions. I understand you run a lot of sites, but damn no ones questions get answered. So if you are reading this you better figure the $hit out with the tutorial or you’re screwed!
      Some great tutorials by the way, but a lot of unanswered questions…

  46. Antone says:

    T-MOBILE Note 5 randomly reboots after rooting. Any solutions?

  47. Elyl says:

    Hi. I have a concern. After rooting and following thoroughly with your instructiins it was a success but.. it disable the dual sim feature of my note 5. Any idea how to fix this?

  48. Xristina says:

    Does anyone root their at&t note 5??

  49. Gavin Fonseca says:

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (SM-N920C) Duos. I didn’t realize the Dual Sim part and I rooted the phone. The rooting worked perfectly for me but now only 1 sim works. How can I solve this? Or can I at least somehow return to the previous stock OS.

    • Gavin Fonseca says:

      I am based in Oman and my network Operator is Ooredoo (formerly Nawras). Kindly help this is urgent 🙁

      • Kosovo says:

        Since you have a dual sim, you cannot use arter97’s kernel coz it doesnt support Dual sim as of now. Finally you should use SkyHigh kernel v2.1 which works pretty well with my N920CD latest version. I get about 1.5 days on medium usage in battery.

  50. naser says:

    In this time note 5 android is 6.0.1
    When I unroot it . Can I upgrad my phone with factory up’s?

  51. nikhil dave says:

    I have note 5 sm920g… i rooted the phone using some other note 5 kernel… the phoelne got root accsss but network error is shown in playstore and it does not get connected neither does the phone or any other app connects to google… can anyone help…. where can i get sm 920g root kernels… n how do i make my playstore work properly after root…

  52. nikhil dave says:

    I have note 5 sm920g… i rooted the phone using some other note 5 kernel… the phoelne got root accsss but network error is shown in playstore and it does not get connected neither does the phone or any other app connects to google… can anyone help…. where can i get sm 920g root kernels… n how do i make my playstore work properly after root….

  53. saleh says:

    please, Help me …

    I rooted my galaxy but I have a problem with it, sometimes switches off and on by its self from time to time.


  54. Ortho says:

    Does this root method work with the latest sprint note5 update pd1?

  55. imruined says:

    You may want to mention that you should make sure that you enable usb debugging because that part is crucial. I have a corrupt galaxy note 5 now thanks

  56. Mohamed says:

    i have done every thing u told . i got file analysis
    and Get pit for mapping and no thing work more

  57. Jade says:

    Hi I followed all instructions and now my phone is frozen on restart and isn’t changing it’s been like that for a couple minutes I’m getting worried because I recently had this phone fixed so please get in contact with me immediately

  58. Antone says:

    You need to unroot/unbrick your phone ( Mines use to reboot randomly especially doing calls. The best thing about using this unroot method is that you won’t lose any files, I didn’t.

  59. Mariah says:

    I have completed the step and I am stuck in reboot mode.

    • Jenna says:

      Same here, it says “Kernel is not seandroid enforcing” on the Samsung Galaxy Note5 page of the reboot, did you find out how to fix this? I need help!!!

  60. iuliana says:

    Hello, is it safe to update with Odin after rooting with this method?

  61. Luis says:

    Fir the root kernel theres no root for sm-n920v
    6.0.1 ???
    Is there a way to rooted???

  62. 1 says:

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