Viper ROM MM w/ S7 Edge Panels for Galaxy Note 5!


If you are looking for stability of stock Note 5 firmware but with S7 Edge panels and a few tweaks, you may want to check out the latest Viper ROM MM w/ S7 Edge Panels.

Based on latest N920C Android 6.0.1 firmware, the Viper ROM brings you full S7 Edge panels and fully deodexed ROM so you can easily install Xposed installer and modules. For root, you will get SuperSU and the ROM comes with speed meter for monitoring your internet data, camera enabled during call, call recording, rounded recents, pop-up notifications, and some more.

There not a whole lot of customization on this ROM but it is very de-bloated and speedy performance also give you very good battery life. And yes, for those of you looking for private mode working, this ROM has it working out of the box. So, definitely give this ROM a go if it’s your cup of tea and do let me know!

Note: This ROM can be installed on all international models including the SM-N920C, SM-N920G, SM-N920I, along with T-Mobile SM-N920T and Canadian SM-N920W8.  For T-Mobile, you will lose WiFi calling since this is a ROM based on international model.


Download Viper ROM MM for SM-N920C, SM-N920G, SM-N920I, T-Mobile SM-N920T and Canadian SM-N920W8

Installation Instructions:

First, boot into TWRP, make a backup ROM (if you want to restore ROM if something goes wrong), then wipe system, wipe, install ROM, install add-ons, install kernel/data fix, and reboot.  That’s it!    Don’t know how to do this?  See our fail-proof TWRP installation guide first.

Calls not working for T-Mobile/Canadian models?  See how to fix audio/calls here.

Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developer or hit the Thanks button on XDA if you like this ROM, thx!

Extra Mods

  • Xposed for Marshmallow – Need cool Xposed modules to make your custom ROM complete?  Check out our step-by-step tutorial!

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3 Responses

  1. Nate says:

    Do you think it’s possible to have rims for the sprint note 5? There doesn’t seem to be any worth wild and on the videos it says all note 5’s but don’t see my model number. This is completely nerve racking. Please do tomorrow reviews for sprint note 5. Other than that video’s are always awesome and in point.

  2. James Warren Basham says:

    It’s not worth trying out the ROMs when almost all of the custom ROMs don’t list SM-920P as an option, and even for the T-Mobile crowd, most of the ROMs will cut off their voice and SMS ability. When you say the ROMs are for ALL Note 5s, make sure there is a variant for ALL Note 5 phones!

  3. kariuki says:

    will this rom work on the n920F version?

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