Android 6.0.1 Stock Firmwares Updated for T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon Galaxy Note 5!

If you are looking for stock firmwares for Android 6.0.1 on your T-Mobile SM-N920T, Sprint SM-N920P, Verizon SM-N920V, or Korean SM-N920K/S/L, we have updated our Note 5 stock firmwares page to include the latest stock Marshmallow firmwares.

If you are rooted and you want to update to 6.0.1, you can flash these stock ROMs to update manually.  Of course, our recommendation is to flash a ROM version, which will allow you to flash new firmwares using TWRP recovery.

It’s also great idea to download these stock firmwares on your computer so you have them handy if you ever mess up your phone. ¬†Especially when you travel and flash ROMs on the go, having stock ROMs in your hard disk will come in very handy and save you a ton of time over trying to download these files while traveling as they are pretty large (over 1GB each).

We should also have updates for other variants soon but if you don’t see one on our site, check out for other models as they have frequent updates.

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  1. Carlos Martinez says:

    Yo rooted on my sprint note 5 with moar rom version 2.2 running 5.1
    I read your article but Im a bit confused.

    since im rooted you said to flash stock roms ? where can I find one

    im the winner of you Rock case giveaway you did a while back

  2. Wyatt says:

    This is so cool

  3. Wyatt says:

    I love this app

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